The year 2014 has brought about some top-notch Senior League baseball bats with a -10 length-to-weight ratio. To help you choose a quality bat with ultimate power and outstanding performance we have crafted this list of 2014’s Best Senior League -10 Bats. Keep in mind that not all manufacturers have released their 2014 Senior League bat lineup yet. As new 2014 Senior League -10 bats come out we will update our list accordingly after we have carefully tested all aspects of the bat. Here is our list of this year’s Best Senior League -10 Bats:

1. RIP-IT’S 2014 Senior AIR -10 Bat

Price: $199.99


Pop & Power: 10/10
Wowzers! This bat has phenomenal pop! Sorry infielders, but you haven’t got a chance with this bat at the plate. This thing absolutely rips pitches to the fence. The pop and power on this barrel are unbelievable. Whether your young player is a power hitter or not, they are going to hit like one with the Senior AIR -10. The barrel has a trampoline-like affect that just bounces balls right off and far into the field. No amount of power on any other Senior League bat can compare. Perfect 10 for the Senior AIR.

Swing: 10/10
This Senior League baseball bats has the ideal swing. The balance is simply unsurpassable. The weight distribution is perfect, creating a swing that is lightweight yet powerful. The balance and light feel of the bat allow for a fast swing. The overall feel of this bat and the swing speed are unmatchable. The barrel of the bat is also very forgiving, the sweet spot is enormous, allowing you to get sensational pop each and every time you are at the plate.

Grip: 10/10
You’re not going to want to take your hands off of this grip because you no longer have to fear pain with the Senior AIR -10. This Senior League bat has a great grip that protects you from vibrations and sting. You can crush pitches without having to worry that your hands will feel the wrath. The grip is also amazingly comfortable. It feels like memory foam so it is soft and molds to your hands but still keeps them loose enough to follow through with a great swing.

Warranty: 10/10
RIP-IT seems to have the best warranty policy in the business and comes with a return policy that no other batting company provides. By offering a 30-day return policy to their consumers, they scored a perfect 10 in our book. If within 30 days you decide you don’t like your Senior AIR -10 then you can return it to RIP-IT for a full refund. They also offer an unsurpassed warranty of 400 days with unlimited repair or replacements as opposed to the typical 365 (one-year) bat warranty with only one replacement.

Total: 40/40
RIP-IT hit it out of the park with the Senior AIR -10. This Senior League bat is the best of the best. If you are looking for a bat with the best overall feel, swing, power and grip–then this is the one to beat. The warranty is just the icing on the cake and the reassurance that you are making the right choice in choosing the Senior AIR -10.


2. DeMarini’s 2014 Vexxum: DXVXR Senior League -10 Bat

Price: $179.99


Pop & Power: 9/10
This powerful bat is a force to be reckoned with. It is blazing hot straight out of the wrapper, requiring little-to-no break-in. The Vexxum DXVXR gets the job done getting you on the base. The ball will spring right off the bat, giving that ball that extra oomph it needs to fly! This may be owed to the fact that the bat is made of both composite and alloy material; an alloy barrel and composite handle. This Senior bat holds a tremendous amount of pop and power. The bat also has an extremely large sweet spot. We had to deduct one mere point just because the sweet spot simply isn’t as enormous as our  number one choice, RIP-IT’s Senior AIR -10.

Swing: 9/10
The swing has major speed! We experienced a super fast swing with the Vexxum DXVR. The balance of the bat does incredible things for its swing. Not only is this bat fast but it is easy for any type of player to swing, power hitter or not. The only thing we had to deduct for was that the bat simply isn’t as balanced as our number once choice. Although it does feel great, it feels as if the barrel is a bit heavier than it should be in comparison to the Senior AIR -10.

 Grip: 10/10
This grip gets the job done protecting you from sting. No vibrations or sting were felt when demoing the Vexxum DXVXR -10. The grip is comfortable, keeps your hands holding on and won’t let you experience any pain. And your hands are sure to stick to the grip with no problems, the grip is thick and soft. No complaints!

Warranty: 8/10
The Vexxum DXVXR comes with an industry standard warranty: a one year warranty with one-time repair or replacement. According to their website their warranty specifications are as follows:

The DeMarini Factory Warranty covers the following three items- there are no other warranties.

 1-A severely dented bat for one year from the date of purchase.

2-The end-plug and knob may be repaired or replaced if found defective for one year from the date of purchase.

3-Cracked from normal use for one year from the date of purchase.”

Total: 36/40
DeMarini’s 2014 Vexxum: DXVXR is a solid choice for a -10 Senior League bat. Power, an easy swing and a fantastic grip are the main contributions to why this bat is so fantastic.


3. Rawlings 2014 Mach: SLMC10 Senior League Bat

Price: $299.99


 Power & Pop: 8/10
Rawling’s 2014 Mach: SLMC10 comes with solid performance. The power on the bat is outstanding. The pop is also equally as outstanding. Our only bone to pick with this bat is that the sweet spot isn’t as large as some of its competitors. Although if you do hit it on the right spot on the barrel this weapon can really rip a pitch to shreds.

 Swing: 10/10
Just how we like it! Nice and balanced, easy for anyone to use. A fast swing for exceptional bat speed. You aren’t going to believe the lightness. The balance is so great that it feels light and won’t weight players down. Two thumbs up to Rawlings for the outstanding swing.

 Grip: 9/10
Like most bats, you will probably experience some sting when you hit an inside pitch or if you bat in cold weather. With the Rawlings Mach:SLMC10 you will experience a slight sting if you are hitting inside pitches or are hitting in the cold, however the vibrations are minimal. Therefore, this distraction is rare and isn’t enough to impact a player’s game. The grip overall, is fairly comfortable. It is soft, feels good, and conforms to the player’s grip.

 Warranty: 8/10
Rawlings non-wooden bats come with a standard one year limited warranty. It is safe to assume that the one year warranty only comes with a one-time repair or replacement. Nothing special.

Total: 35/40
The Rawlings 2014 Mach: SLMC10 Senior League bat is a durable bat that players can feel confident in choosing to get lasting performance. However, this top Senior League baseball bat doesn’t have a large enough sweet spot to compete with the top two choices.